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Sour cherries picking within an hour of Chicago, IL?


List of sour cherry picking farms within an hour of Chicago, IL?

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    The closest cherry orchards are in southwest Michigan, but the season is quickly ending because cherries mature in late June/early July. See the following web site for a list:

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    Oh yeah? Really! That's quite grand.

    Sour cherries picking within an hour of Chicago, IL, you say!

    Isn't that wonderful.

    I'm so glad you told me.


    Need I remind you that this is a question and answer site.

    Here is how it works.

    YOU ask a question. And, just so you don't forget, a QUESTION has to begin with certain words. If you remember in grammar school, a question begins with "who, what, when, why, how, where...." things like that.

    Once a VALID question is asked, then a suitable answer can be provided.

    One problem here. I don't SEE a QUESTION.

    I just see a STATEMENT.

    So, no answer. But thank you all the same for the information.

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