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Why are there so many child TV stars? I want to be a TV star too!?

LOL. After watching stranger things and taking peeks behind the scenes i realize i have a sudden interest in acting! When i was little i thought school plays and singing were the lamest thing! I Have Changed My Mind.

I was already thinking about changing school course schedules to accommodate my interests in the acting career, but looking back on my life i am perhaps the laziest, and most disloyal person i know. I am told that i become very interested and very talented in a variety of subjects but i often drop the topic after a short while. Heck, now that i think about it i could be a violin god! But because i didn't take the opportunities i was presented with carefully i ended up dropping orchestra into high school. Now i am rethinking even exploring the acting path because of my past experience.

Should i try it out to see if it suits me? or should i drop the topic because im probably gonna fail anyways? Either way i hope my decision isn't a mistake

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    From what you describe, a professional acting career is probably not for you. That requires a level of resilience and persistence that you say you don’t have. And wanting to be a star is a bad reason to attempt an acting career since it’s so unlikely to happen.

    But it doesn’t my mean you wouldn’t enjoy being involved in acting and theater. Acting classes might be fun - see what’s offered in your community. Maybe audition for a school play, join drama club and/or compete in forensic speech/drama contest. See how that goes.

    And people change and mature as they get older. If you find that you really have a passion for the craft of acting (rather a desire to be a star) and you’re exceptionally good at it, you can research the business end of the industry. Attempting a professional acting career is like running your own business incuding contracts, unions, marketing and networking. Scams and rip offs prey on people who don’t understand the realities of the business.

    Good luck

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    parents want to profit of their kids

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    Your question shows that you’re not at all suited to life as an actor.

    For one thing, those child actors you see on ‘behind the scenes’ shows represent maybe less than 1% of the time off-camera. They know they’re being filmed for the ‘behind the scenes’ show. That’s not a real representation.

    Secondly, those child actors have almost all been attending a really good acting school since the age of 6 and not only study acting but also singing and dancing.

    To be an actor takes huge energy, dedication and determination. A lazy person wouldn’t last a week.

    On average it takes seven years of top-quality training, usually culminating with a three-year degree-level course, to get to the point where an aspiring actor might get signed by an agent.

    Agents are how actors get auditions. And typically, out of every 100 auditions an actor attends, he or she will win maybe one or two small roles in small productions at very low rates of pay.

    Almost all actors have to work long hours in ‘ordinary’ jobs, alongside acting, just to afford to pay their rent and food bills. It’s incredibly hard work and very competitive.

    Sorry, but it’s not for you. Only someone with real passion for acting, drama and performance would stand a chance.

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    That's awesome! Don't worry, as someone who suffers from Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, I know what it's like. I hope that you have the courage to give acting a try! And if it isn't good, remember, if you love it, do it!

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    1% of child actors make it to stranger things level of success. Only about 4 of those young actors will make it to real success in the future. For example millie bobby brown might wane out in 10years its just the name of the game. The rest of the child actors that don't make it fall prey to disgusting pervs in the industry that promise them the world for a "price" be careful. Watch The Open Secret to know the truth about child acting Hollywood

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    dont rush into anything ...take your time

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    Try it out. Lots of people have short-term interests that wear out after a while, but generally, if they discover something they like, they can grow obsessive and keep on doing it. You're the personality type that likes to experiment, but you may end up falling in love with acting.

    Take some acting classes, get some experience, begin looking up casting calls for low-level plays, and attend the auditions. If you are able to get enough plays and experience under your belt, your acting career will only progress. You can also apply to be an extra on TV shows like Stranger Things. I find that helps get your foot in the door most quickly.

    EDIT: You may or may not get put on television, but you will become more famous than the average actor or average Joe. Persistence and hard effort pays off and the benefits, even if you don't become television-worthy, will still be better than nothing.

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    PS. i dont know if i have the dedication and commitment to this path, i saw that it takes years of persistence to even get an appearance on the big screen. i don't think im up for it.

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