SSD Installation on an Acer Nitro 5?

Hey all,

I want to install an SSD on my Acer Nitro 5. I have been a console player for most of my life but recently more friends have been playing PC. My Acer Nitro 5 is more than capable with keeping up with most of what we do except for Rainbow Six Siege. It takes AGES to load in and I don't play anymore due to being such a burden on load time. It's because I have everything loaded on my stock 1 TB HDD. I hear that if I load my games onto an SSD the games can keep up with my friends with more superior computers. Firstly, is this true? Secondly, which SSD's should I be looking into? Lastly, does it matter if the SSD is external or internal? I am capable of installing both but external seems to be a lot easier haha. Cheers.

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  • Dave
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    7 months ago
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    SSD's make games load faster. That's about it.

    It needs to be internal. External will have speed and boot limitations.

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