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Would I get arrested or fine for escaping a sinking ship?

If I were on a carnival cruise that started sinking...

Rare today because of technology and world experience, but ships have come close.

What would happen if I put my swim trunks on and my flippers on...

Vacuum sealed my clothes...

Put my clothes and food and medicine and drinks..

Into a suit case....

Threw a rubber raft with oars attached overboard...

Threw my suitcase into the raft...

Put on a life jacket...

And jumped overboard...

And went onto my raft...

And literally rowed my way to the nearest landmass.


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    So some mysterious country is expected to welcome you with open arms?

    Could you be arrested? YES

    The crime is not for escaping the sinking ship.

    The crime is not rowing to the port of Entry and reporting to the Immigration and Customs officials.

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    You would not be arrested. You would probably drown. Wait and get on the lifeboat.

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    What a tard. Grow up

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    If you had that much time to spend preparing before leaving, and your own rubber raft - I imagine everyone else would have probably left or been rescued by then

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