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J.D asked in Consumer ElectronicsHome Theater · 5 months ago

Klipsch Speakers RF 7 iii 1 3/4" tweeter size?


I am looking to buy a pair of loudspeakers. I am really considering to get the RF 7 iii.

What is the benefit of having a bigger tweeter? RF 7 iii has a 1 3/4" tweeter, while the other cheaper reference speakers only have a 1" tweeter. Will the Mids, Highs sound a little better with a bigger tweeter?

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  • 5 months ago
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    A larger tweeter will be more efficient (all other things equal) and have a lower crossover point. 1 3/4" is pretty big for a tweeter. I suspect that the 1 3/4" measurement is actually the thread or throat size of the compression driver and the dome is probably about half that.

    Klipsch has, from the beginning, been a company that sells horn based speakers. The originals had horn loaded woofers as well. Given that, this tweeter should be quite efficient. The biggest complaint with modern Klipsch speakers is that they tend to sound treble heavy.

    The RF7 is a two way speaker with two 10" woofers / mids. The use of two woofer / mids will reduce the amount of intermodulation distortion in the midrange as opposed to a single woofer - but not as much as a dedicated midrange in a three way design.

    The only other thing I can say is listen to them before you buy them. If you don't have experience with Klipsch speakers, you may not like them and it will be a pain to return them. I personally don't care for the modern Klipsch speakers - at least those made since they came out with the Heresy.

  • TomB
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    5 months ago

    A larger tweeter will produce a larger sound wave....

    Will it sound "better"? Sound is subjective, define better.

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