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Ottawa or Quebec City for a day trip?

I'm visiting Montreal from the US to see family this weekend. However I plan on seeing one of those two cities for a day.

Quebec City sounds nice, but it tends to be overcome by tourists in the summer. Ottawa seems quite overlooked, and is closer to Montreal.

Speak to me Canadians; which city would you recommend?

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    It really depends. Quebec is a french speaking city while Ottawa's bilingual and Quebec has that European feel when Ottawa takes from the US. Ottawa does have better museums but Quebec is well known for it's food. It's kind of comparing Washington DC with Miami, both have their perks and differences. I'd prefer Quebec, but it's really up to you.

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    Quebec City is gorgeous, but, it is sort of like Montreal, at least the Old City in some ways. Ottawa is a lovely city to visit, but, it is 2 hours each way from Montreal, so, a bit more than a day trip in my opinion. You would only get a tiny bit of what Ottawa has to offer in one day. If it were me, I would head for Ottawa before Montreal. While Montreal is bigger, Ottawa is better for tourists IMHO.

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    Ottawa is Canada's capital and walking around Parliament Hill can be beautiful on a sunny summer's day.

    Quebec City's old town section is really picturesque. It gives you the feeling of being in a 16th or 17th century European city.

    Driving wise they're not that far apart. Yes, Ottawa is closer but only by about a 30 minutes drive.

    Which to see is really up to you but I don't think you could wrong with either choice.

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