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What was Ross Perot's legacy?

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    I voted for Perot (the first time, anyway). I didn't think he'd make a good president, and I woudln't have voted for him if I thought he could win! But he ran his entire campaign on the national debt, and I thought if he got 10-15% of the vote, whoever DID win the election might talk honestly about the debt and do what he could to cut deficits.

    And I got what I wanted. Clinton won and he was probably the most fiscally responsible president we'd had in a long time. Clinton got us within one year of a balanced budget, but then GW Bush took over and gave it all away to his rich friends. Bush doubled the debt (NOT COUNTING the cost of the wars). Obama cut deficits again by like 70%. Then Trump blew the budget out again.

    But for a while there it looked good. If we keep having one Democratic president and one Republican president, we'll get nowhere with debt because the Republican will destroy the Democrat's good work. Perot's legacy amounts to nothing.

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