Question about soundbars?

If a soundbar is described as 3.0 does that mean it's like a third generation soundbar? And is that the latest version currently on offer for soundbars?

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  • 3 months ago

    It refers to handling three sound channels. Specifically, left , center, and right. Another words, stereo with an additional center speaker for dialog. Given that all three are quite close together in a soundbar, the dialog speaker probably is irrelevant, save that some TVs might provide a poor rendition of stereo and not loud enough dialog reproduction., or at least the soundbar might not otherwise...

  • Lance
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    3.0 usually designates that the sound bar has a center channel for dialog. So it would have a right center and left 3.0 but no sub-woofer....Also I would check to see if the center channel volume is adjustable apart from the right left speakers, This would give you the advantage of increasing the volume of dialog with out simultaneously increasing the volume of the music sound track and or effects...Most dialog with come from the center speaker while music and effects come from the other speakers.

  • 5 months ago

    3.0 is the number of audio channels it supports.

    In this case, it reproduces the left, center, and right front channels

    if connected to a source delivering a surround-sound signal.

    The surround channels, if there is any signal for them,

    are "folded into" (mixed with) the left and right front channels.

    The zero means it doesn't reproduce low-frequency effects (LFE)

    which are designated as ".1", meaning that there is one channel

    and it covers one octave of the audible spectrum.

    In highly sophisticated setups, you might find a designation of ".2" for stereo LFE.

    You would be well advised to learn the basics of home theater audio.

  • 5 months ago

    3.0 soundbar would approximate two speakers on the sides and a subwoofer, this is apposed to a 5.0 soundbar which would also approximate surround sound speakers as well as the speakers mentioned above, a 2.0 soundbar only approximates two speakers on the sides

    • onthe455 months agoReport

      Oh embarrassing! I thought 3.0 referred to the Gen of the speaker.

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