This a good Pokémon Sapphire team?

Swampert: Surf, earthquake, ice beam, brick break

Breloom: Giga Drain (maxed PP out by using PP ups from Zigzagoons pickup ability), sky uppercut, sludge bomb, headbutt

Crobat: fly, poison fang, shadow ball, steel wing

Manectric: Thunderbolt, strength, bite, iron tail

Magcargo: flamethrower, earthquake, rock slide, body slam/amnesia (I’ll be using body slam once i get it to level 60)

Absol: bite, aerial ace, flamethrower, shock wave ( I may replace shock wave with rock smash so it may be a good challenge to other dark types and rock and steel as well. Only reason I have shock wave is because of the lot of water Pokémon in hoenn)

This team is great in game. I love it. What are you guys opinions? I’m also aware there probably are better fire types than magcargo but I can’t use camerupt because I have my ground type in swampert, I despise torkoal and I’m too lazy to look for a fire stone to evolve a vulpix. Magcargos moveset is solid nonetheless.

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  • 5 months ago
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    It's pretty good for E4.

    For Sidney you can use Breloom to his dark type Pokemons.

    For Phoebe you can you Manectric's bite to her ghost type Pokemon.

    For Glacia you can use Magcargo/Absol to her ice type Pokemon.

    For Drake you can use Swampert's Ice Beam to his dragon type Pokemon.

    And for Steven, you can use any of your Pokemon that is strong against his Pokemon.

    • Mike5 months agoReport

      Yea I’m gonna go ahead and beat Wallace then head to victory road to train a little. Thanks

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