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Is it a Bad Thing If a Teacher Only Congratulates You For Achieving Something?

I took an AP class and I’d say I’m not the worst student my teacher’s ever had but I’m not her favorite either. I passed the exam with a 4 and she personally emailed me and congratulated me. But none of my friends or anybody else who got the same score or even a 5 received an email from her. Is it because she didn’t think I’d have the abilities of passing so she was surprised and she felt I deserved praise for that? I just don’t know whether I should be happy about her email or a bit offended.

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    Oh be offended of course. Naturally there could be no possible reason for writing to congratulate a student except a malicious and evil desire to offend and humiliate them. Go on and make a career out of being offended, but be aware that there's already a LOT of competition out there. People looking for offence will always find it, though it won't be a happy life.

    Your choice.

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    Yes be happy about it and take it as a complement. Overthinking things can screw your life up. Just figure she thinks highly of you and that she was trying to encourage you. Maybe email back and say thank you and you could not have done it with out her.

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