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True/false: for women, fertility already started to decline by age 23?

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    Women are born w/ only a specific amount of eggs. So really, a woman's fertility begins to decrease when she is a teenager. To extend fertility, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The woman should not smoke and stay at a heallthy weight. The woman's fertility will last into her late 30's and often into early 40's.

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      There is never a 100% "True/False" answer to questions about the human body and its changes through the years. For family reasons we started late, my wife was 32, 34, 37 when our children were born. I cannot recollect any great delay in conception once we had started to try each time.

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    IVF success rate can be affected by many factors like age, present medical health, and past medical history play a big part in infertility treatment.

    Age-wise IVF treatment success rate:

    41-43% for women under 25 years of age

    23-27% for women aged between 38 and 40

    33-36% for women aged between 35 and 37

    13-18% for women aged above 41

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    False. Fertility for both women AND men starts to decline around age 30. A woman who has reduced fertility at 23 either has diminished ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure, neither of which are common at that age.

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    the girls at my school are very fertile at 15

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