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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareDesktops · 9 months ago

Is the Pentium G860 good for old (<2010) games?

And do you think it will bottleneck a GTX660 2GB GPU?

The CPU costs $10 whereas the GPU is going for $45. Do you think it's a good price?

Also, I can get a GTX750 1GB (Non-Ti) for $40. Do you think the 750 is better than the 660?


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  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    9 months ago
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    First is what parts you have now? You cannot just match parts randomly. This is a computer:

    CPU, CPU Cooler, Motherboard, RAM memory, Storage(HDD/SSD), Video Card, Case, Power Supply (by brand and model number), Optical Drive, Operating System

    Pentium G860 is a 2 core socket 1155 Sandy Bridge, compatible with Intel B65, B75, H55, H61, H67, H77, P67, Q67, Q77, Z68, Z75, Z77 chipset motherboards if bios is current, Oct 2011 release of the CPU

    Speed score 2741 is very low for gaming

    Low budget used PCs in the USA to upgrade for gaming would be based on Core i5-2400 @ 3.10GHz score 5968 or better.

    GTX 660 was released in year 2012. The standard versions require a 6 pin pcie power connector from the power supply, and the power supply at least 430 watts in bronze rated efficiency.

    G3D test score 4129

    It may be slightly lower than an AMD RX 460, rank close to 138 on this table

    GTX 750 is lower performance, closer to 33119 G3D score rank about 150 to 155 in the table (lower rank is better)

    The graphics card has the most effect, and weak CPUs can lower and destabilize gaming with low minimum frames per second. Games with simple graphics like Minecraft are more CPU dependent. Older games use fewer cores of a CPU.

    A GTX 660 is adequate for high settings in 1920x1080 for year 2010 games like Metro 2033, but the CPU is on the weak side and could reduce performance.

    Pentium G860 is below gaming level and is not a good CPU, but the games will run. They just may have low minimum frames per second.

    If your power supply is appropriate, a GTX 660 at $45 is a good price. It beats a GT 1030.

    $45 is ebay market price for a GTX 660, shipping extra

    What cpu do you have now that you want a g860 as upgrade?

    GTX 760 is about $60

    There are i5-2400 for $20 or so

    cpu does need a cpu cooler and thermal paste

    GTX 660 is stronger than gtx 750 ti, but 660 needs connect to the power supply.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    You should be taking a look based on its performance for the price.

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