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Tips on weak side turns? (dance)?

aightt fellow dancers help a girl out !!

For turns, I'm more comfortable on my left side rather than my right. It's a fact that not many people are as great on their weak leg as opposed to their stronger leg, but I find that I am unable to do more than a single / double. Doing a la secondes or fouettes also feel extremely hard and uncomfortable.

In my opinion, it's probably got to do with the placement of my weight; often my ankle rolls and weight isn't evenly distributed along the ball of the foot.

If any of you have some tips on strengthening turns on your weaker leg, please enlighten me. Thank you so much xx


UPDATE : To the person who asked if I have a teacher, I do. I'd just like tips from other dancers

Update 2:

Thank you to those who answered !! TheYour tips really helped :)

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    Hello! Fellow left-turner here! Now a dance teacher :) Without seeing you turn, I can’t say exactly what needs to be adjusted, but I would start by focusing on a few foundational things to generally improve your turns:

    1) Your standing leg: dancers often focus too much on their working legs when their standing legs are just as (if not more) important! Start by balancing at the barre. Is your standing leg rotated just as much as your working leg? They should be equal. Use a mirror to make sure your ankle is straight. Ask your dance teacher for some theraband exercises for your ankles, and every day, do turned in relevés (using a mirror if possible) and make sure you train your ankles to work in proper alignment, weight evenly distributed between your toes.

    2) Hips: I’m sure you’ve heard it in dance class, but your hips really do need to be aligned. Neither hip should be higher than the other, and they should line up with your shoulder, so your hips and shoulders make a rectangle.

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      be practicing and enforcing bad habits. Even if other students in your class are doing sloppy doubles or triples. Don’t settle for sloppy. Get a clean, strong single first so your doubles, triples, etc. are all clean too! Ok I’ll get off my soapbox now :) happy dancing!

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    If you have having issues with your ankles rolling, then I would work on trying to strengthen them first above everything else. All it takes is one bad roll and you might not dance again. I have hyper flexible ankles and roll mine all the time, but I'm rarely injured do to the flexibility in my ankles, but that also means I will never do pointe work and they sickle horribly. Do calf raises (releves), if possible do them on a stair where you can go low and high, the bigger range of motion will help you strengthen them. Also spelling the alphabet with your foot is a common pt trick to help ankles. If it continues, it might be beneficial to talk to a podiatrist about it.

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    But don't you have a teacher?

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