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restaurant or activity suggestions in Poisitano, Venice, Rome, or Pisa Italy?

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  • Orla C
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    5 months ago

    A good rule generally is go where the locals eat. Listen to the voices of the people eating at a place and if they are all Italian, ask if there's a table for you. Also, 'ristorante' are more expensive, look for 'trattoria' or 'taverna', and there are also 'pizzeria' and 'spaghetteria'.

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  • 6 months ago

    When in Rome, there are many fine restaurants near the Trevi Fountain......reasonably priced.

    You'd THINK it would be like a tourist rip off area.......but they actually have price wars, BECAUSE there are so many tourists, and they all struggle to bring in the customers. One restaurant nicer than the other, with great food.....for a fair price.

    One of the best surprises was ordering "Lamb-The Roman Way. "

    I was stupid enough to ask, "What is the "Roman way"? and the waiter just smiled and said......

    The Roman Way, of course!

    ahhhhhhh, well, there we have it then! So I had that, and of course, it was delicious.

    Sometimes, ya just have to go with the flow!

    if you are heading out to'll find mostly pizza places. Forget that.

    If you pass thru Florence, you MUST....and I mean, YOU MUST stop there instead, and order the Steak Fiorentina....their SPECIALTY. You will NOT be sorry.

    Venice, on the other RIDICULOUSLY over priced, and they often try to gouge the crap out of tourists. It's like a game for them to spot the suckers and pigeons.

    Stay OUT of St Marks Piazza, for eating.......many horror stories of being charged $80 euro for a cup of coffee and a brioche. They add an enormous, outrageous "cover charge" just to sit down.

    but outer laying restarants, along main drags can be reasonable. Stay OUT of the back many of the places are sheer dives for locals only.

    In Venice........basically if you pick a TOP location, you will pay TOP prices. There is such a GLUT of tourists, they can charge whatever they want.

    Rome is the far better bargain.....and the Steak Fiorentina in Firenze, will be one of the best meals you ever have in your LIFE.........anywhere.

    Never been to Positano.

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  • John
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    7 months ago

    Never been to Positano. There is no reason whatever to travel across Italy to Pisa. It's OK to stop there if you are in the neighborhood. Food in Venice tends to be only so-so because they are mostly feeding tourists. There are a very great many fine restaurants in Rome.

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