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What sport should I try?

Hello! I m a 15 y/o girl and I have absolutely no experience in any sport. I mean, I've been interested in a few throughout childhood but never really acted on anything. Recently, I have been really interested in starting something new / joining a sport for the remainder of high school, and even college when the time comes. I would like to know which sport would be good for me, considering my age and lack of knowledge for sports. I did ice skating and T ball when I was younger, but only for a few months at the max. What sport could I start at this age and hopefully take with me through high school and college?

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  • 7 months ago

    Trampolining. That's fun.

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  • Toruko
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    7 months ago

    My last training manual was titled TRICKTIONARY. The English Edition. Written by Europeans.

    Has applications to get wind-powered pull. To do the following<<>>dune buggy ride in deserts,

    ice boat rides on frozen lakes, snowboarding uphill to mountain summits, long distance pull

    that included from the Spanish Canary Islands east to North Africa, and various stunts done in

    water five inches deep. I use Liquid Force products and a Whitehall skiff for travel over the

    horizon upon the Salish Sea. Starting in 2017 as a senior citizen. Had paid instruction.

    Have also been going into Ohio on Lake Erie out of Metro Detroit in Michigan. Using the

    international commerce waterway shared with Canadian Ontario. Moving downwind

    faster than most boats but tack like a sailboat going upwind. Next year I'm doing down

    the Arkansas River out of the Fort Smith port facilities. My ride choice is retailed as

    the Moon Patrol.. It is fast. Can be piloted over water obstructions like log jams,

    partly submerged fences, rip-rap laid as junk vehicles mixed with concrete rubble, etc.

    You learn with 3 meter pull on sandy beaches or grassy areas. The pull might pop

    you free of the planet for a moment or two. YouTube has scary video of that pull

    ending badly. Get the training to stay safer.

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  • 8 months ago

    I would pick solo sports because they tend to have less strategy and rules to follow. Softball is cool but it would be tough to teach someone all the strategy of little things like how far to lead off based on what pitch is thrown, unless that person has it innately in them from years of playing. Not that it csnt be done, especially if you wanna play casually where those things dont matter. But something like track or swimming has less rules and techniques as softball or basketball. I think soccer lies somewhere in the middle, so does tennis. But ultimately if one sport interests you, you should try it regardless! Find what makes you happy first and foremost.

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  • 8 months ago

    Pick literally any they all teach you the same basic discipline and skills of responsibility don’t worry just pick one which looks fun to you

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