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Are there any decent-jobs that aren't stressful?

Everything's a hastle in America. Even being a cashier

is stressful, depending on where you work. I would love

to move to France where they only work 30 hours/week,

but that's not going to happen.

Can you please recommend any jobs that pay okay

($16 to $18/hour) that aren't stressful? And, are

there any jobs that require you to work 30 hours/week?

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    You can thank Republicans for that. Republicans think that thing that makes you an American patriot is giving up your livelihood, free time and well-being to be a zealot for your CEO. The harder you work, the more miserable you are, the less time you have to live your life and enjoy it, the more "American" you are in their eyes. Meanwhile, in the rest of the industrialized world, people are gauranteed things like paid vacation and medical leave at jobs as simple as Mc. Donalds and guess what? They are happy. Republicans in America however? The more "American" they are? The more "patriotic" they become? The more miserable they seem. There is certainly a correlation.

  • nt
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    8 months ago

    most jobs are NOT stressful. But by all means, LEAVE if you dislike it so much.

    I had a stressful job for a few months. I worked hard and improved things and then it was no longer stressful. It was easy.

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  • 8 months ago

    No there isn't. Every jobs out there is always somewhat stressful, there's no around it.

    One thing I can think of that you can make money off of, tho it being a job is kinda debatable, is consider flipping items for a living.

    Today for example, I've literally just made around $90 NET PROFIT ($130 gross) within inside of a COUPLE of hours off items I've only paid around $38 for and all I did was post it online and wait for people to tell me they want it. And I didn't even need to really stand around all day on my feet to make that.

    This is really the closest thing I can think of that isn't really all that stressful that can also allow you to make money off of.

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  • martin
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    8 months ago

    For a full-time job, it's hard to find, although if you work for a company 5 years or so, and you do well, usually you can start coming in late and leaving early, long lunches and breaks, making your hours pretty short in reality. But that takes a lot of luck.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Work at Walmart As an Overnight Stalker, that job is easy, and it's not really stressful, and you will always be able to work overtime, if you want to.

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