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What is with women's fascination with shopping, dressing up, and wearing makeup?

I see women staring at beauty magazines and watching makeup tutorials for hours, and I look at them and am like... why....? She's like a 4 out of 10 and no amount of makeup or dressing up will make her any more attractive. She's looking through pages and pages and video after video of women who are flawless and they look better than her even without any makeup on. The women marketed in beauty magazines are 10x better looking than the women looking at them. What's the appeal? She can spend $10,000 on makeup and clothes and she will never even come close to the girls in the magazine. You can say the same thing for guys looking at fitness model magazines aspiring to look like them, but at least guys can work hard to get better and more muscular through hard work and diet. Women are either born ugly or born pretty. No amount of hard work will change their facial structure or features, no amount of makeup will change her attractiveness to men.


What I'm basically getting at is that things guys are interested in can be obtained through hard work and discipline, like sports, lifting weights, owning a successful business, hunting, racing, music, etc. The things women are interested in are all mostly genetic. Women are interested in fashion and makeup and beauty, but none of that comes from hard work, it comes from being born beautiful.

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    Yes I somewhat agree with your observation.

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