On Ebay if I am a seller and someone buys an item off of me, do I get that payment immediately or is it held in a sort of escrow system?

I am asking because I recently bought a golf club off of someone who has a zero rating meaning they haven't been reviewed yet, they are new to eBay. They told me that the money hasn't been released yet so they cannot send me my item. So I am thinking that they do not know that eBay holds this in a sort of escrow system. I bought it a few days ago and I noticed that it hasn't been shipped yet. Is that right? Or is the payment supposed to go immediately to their account? Help would be appreciated.

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    2 years ago
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    Its held back pending delivery and/or positive feedback from the seller.

    But wait, you are buying. When you pay with a check it has to wait for the ACH transfer to verify the funds before they can send it. Had you paid with a credit card, it should ship right away.

    Ebay tells the seller not to ship until the payment has cleared. Otherwise, someone could bounce a transfer and defraud ebay.

    As the buyer, you don't have to do anything except leave feedback when you are happy. I am unclear on the exact holds because I have been on there over 20 years and never had any of the new ebayer issues that they now do. (Because even though 97% were honest. 3% of fraudsters can add up when ebay has to eat it all)

    You may also get an email when the seller does. Im unsure. But, no seller is going to send anything when ebay tells them to hold off like they did.

    Id email them if you don't see a tracking number by tuesday night. (It may not show immediate movement for the first 24 hours)

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    be prepared the buyer can raise dispute with you as well and decision can be awarded to buyer in some cases

  • NA
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    2 years ago

    Many years ago, eBay had a number of new "sellers" who listed, sold and failed to deliver the item. They were long gone when buyers complained.

    A new seller has to ship as soon as eBay has the funds, even though eBay won't release the funds until you have the item (or 3 weeks).

    If you paid from a bank account, eBay won't have the funds for 3-5 businesd days. A debit card is treated like a credit card. (You can manually check to see if payment went through.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    On eBay if you sell something never ever ship your item until the money has been deposited into your PayPal account and eBay sends you a notification that it's time to ship the item. PayPal May hold the money and tell the person on the other end receives the item and the tracking number indicates that the item has been received. Again don't believe what the buyer tells you! Verify with your own two eyes that the money is sitting in your Paypal account and that eBay has sent you the letter that says it's time to ship the item. If the buyer refuses to make payment to PayPal it's a no sale situation you cancel the sale through eBay and eBay refunds any money that you paid for the listing

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  • 2 years ago

    I paid with a debit card so should I just tell them that the money will be held until delivery?

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Ebay does not have an escrow system. I would file a dispute with Ebay.

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