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Placement year in New York for chemical engineering?

I am currently at university on England study chemical engineering I have recently passed first year with a first. I hope to in third year go for a placement year in New York but I am confused on how to pursue this I am really struggling to find a company which will offer me this whilst also paying accommodation/living expenses, is there any websites or any other suggestions on how to find a company which will allow me to go about this?

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    The only way to do this is through your university. But this would have to be be a study year abroad not a work placement. Work placements are a recruitment tool for talented students that might eventually work for the company where they intern. It would be a waste for them to offer an internship to a student they cannot later employ.

    By the way, I presume you know the difference between New York State and New York City? The latter has no chemical engineering plants.

    Look for something in Europe. Australia also has a work study visa that you could look into.

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    When you graduate, try to find an internship with a company which is willing & able to take international students & get them their J-1 visa. This visa typically carries a two-year restriction - you must return home timely & cannot return to US for a minimum of 2 yrs (not even using ESTA if you are eligible British citizen). So few employers are willing to take international interns unless they might have operations abroad (e.g. in your country) to place you.

    You are not going to find chemical engineering internships/jobs in NYC (no such industry in/near city), maybe places like Houston. Internships may pay a small stipend upon completion, or hourly wage (typically modest as an intern, trainee), but expect to need money of your own as few pay enough to cover all travel & living expenses.

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      Internship will have to be after graduation, not placement while still earning bachelor's degree. For a work placement, it will have to be through your university, and any international placement is highly unlikely. No chance in US as student visas prohibit work, not qualified for employment visa.

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    You won't find one in New York; this would require a work visa, which you're not eligible for (as a student).

    Look to complete your education in the UK, then you can look for a work visa once you've completed this.

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    I would expect a company to pay you for a placement session but they aren't going to throw in room and board typically.

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