I hate my younger sister and life isn't fair to older brother?

Younger siblings know parents are more lenient towards them growing up so they become manipulative.

Our family was raised by my single mother. I dropped out of college because I put my family first. I worked for several years before I returned to school and I'm going to a good school, studying software engineering.

I tell my sister about how hard I had it, while she went to college straight from high school and now works.

She gives no sympathy and told my mom "so what did you do for me? you didn't do anything for me" and she has told me "So how has your struggle and sacrifice benefited me?"

and tells me to stop victimizing myself and self pity.

Ironically, according to my mom, my sister told my mom that she did not feel good about an important exam she took for grad school. My mom didn't get mad but expressed her worries. My sister complained to my mom that she felt hurt that my mom did not believe in her when her friends did.

I think she's immature, childish and manipulative. She is dead to me and I'd want to break her neck but I hold back because I think of my mom, for her sake, I conform and hold back.


She doesn't want to hear her own family's struggle because to her, she had it worst when my mom worked night and day as a single mother. I have done so much for my family as well.

Update 2:

If it's someone else who isn't from my family, people may not want to hear nor care about struggles in other people's life. However, if you're part of that family, then you respect. She doens't even respect me. She's insecure and immature so her pride is cheap and hurt easily. Immature grown up baby is what she is. I hate immature people.

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    it is dumb to stay resentfull towards family no matter how stupid they may be. I have a schizophrenic brother that abused me as a kid, i love him a lot. He is ******* insanely immature and stupid but to give into hate and resentment is the worst option possible even though it may seem deserving. It seems your sister still has growing up to do, and seems fairly ungratefull to be in the position they are. But people do not like it when others talk about there struggles in life. Life is difficult and you may be proud of what you achieved in overcoming suffering. But to know that life is suffering is to know there is no point in pointing out how you have overcome suffering. Talk to your sister and attemp to find a solution, but make sure to actually have a convorsation not just argue and walk away angry. Never overestimate your side either, you may be older and wiser, but to be truely wise is to know you know nothing and always give the benifit of the doubt to others. Good luck with your family issues!

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    rnaybe you should rnove out if you feel that way

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    So what's your question, pi314, and why are you posting it anonymously?

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      Don't like my question? move the **** along then

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