just installed a tl-wn851n wireless pci adapter on a dell dimension 2350. I can't connect to the internet.?

I get conflicting messages 1) wifi not in range 2) wifi is in range 30 not configured and the list goes on, I have uninstalled/reinstalled, Changed it into every slot and still nothing.

Thank you


30 should be 3)

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  • 5 months ago
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    have you downloaded the manual yet? you may need to create a profile for your ROUTER that you want to connect to in case its a bit poor at communicating with your new card and each end cannot work out what mode to operate in. see the manual. *** note: typically you should use a wifi card that has similar features to the wifi of the router. Your card is Wireless N capable @2.4GHZ and may not like some old router or something newer. A profile should FIX(make it unchanging) so that the other end doesnt have any choice about what mode to use and will not therefore keep switching modes.

  • 5 months ago

    Are you using the most up to date driver? check the manufacturer's website for the latest.

    Move your wifi router a bit to create a better signal. rotate your computer too, offering a better line of connection to the router. Consider walls, and especially wiring/steel piping inside the walls as a deterrent. Consider moving the router further to create a better signal.

    be sure your wifi is 'connected' and you have an IP address before continuing.

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