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Is an mk7 Toyota Celica an easy car to work on?

I found a 2000 Toyota Celica in great condition for a good price. It's gonna be my first project car. Is it good to learn on?

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  • 6 months ago

    If a Ford Falcon is algebra, the Celica is differential Calculus. You will learn a lot on that project. You could pick an easier car to work on. Look in the Chilton's manual at the valve train, then decide if you're up to it.

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  • 7 months ago

    They are fairly easy to on. However, the 2000 Celica had either the 1ZZFE (140 hp in the GT) or 2ZZGE engine (180 hp in GT-S). The 3SGE hadn't been used since the late 80's and only in the GT-S; The 5S-FE (not 5S-GE) was discontinued after 1999. The 2000 Celicas actually had a smaller engine than the older ones,using engines from the Corolla vs. older ones sharing engines with the Camry (and MR2). Still, they are still fairly easy to work on.

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