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Potassium hydrogen tartrate is the acid salt of the first neutralization of tartaric acid with KOH and has a formula of KHC5H4O6?

2. A buffer system is made from 1.527 grams of tartaric acid and 1.078 grams of potassium hydrogen tartrate and water to make 500 milliliters. Calculate

a: moles of tartaric acid in the solution

b: moles of potassium hydrogen tartrate in the solution

c: concentration of tartaric acid (moles/L)

d: concentration of potassium hydrogen tartrate (moles/L)

e: pH of this buffer system, using the Henderson-Hasselbach equation

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    a. divide the mass of tartaric acid by its molar mass to get moles tartaric acid

    b. divide mass of potassium hydrogen phosphate by its molar mass to get moles of tartrate

    c. Divide the answer in a. by 0.500 L to get molarity of tartaric acid

    d. divide answer in b by 0.500 to get molarity of tartrate ions

    e. Look up pKa for the first ionization of tartaric acid

    Henderson- Hasselbalch equation is: pH = pKa + log [hydrogen tartrate]/[tartaric acid]

    Just plug in what you have and calculate pH.

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      The answer in d. Is that number. I meant to change “tartrate” to “hydrogen tartrate” before I finished. Also, in b. It should be “potassium hydrogen tartrate” and not phosphate....sorry.

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