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Democrats, do you support Rep. Veronica Escobar going to Mexico to coach illegal migrants how to game the system and get into the US?

“One former immigration official told the Examiner that ‘a criminal case would exist if Escobar were found to be complicit in an effort to perpetrate a fraud, which would have to include knowingly injecting false statements during interviews, follow-up conversations, and documents presented to U.S. officials.’”

White Democrats, if not socialist revolutionaries, are being gamed by their political leaders and ethnically replaced by the advocacy of the importation of a new voter base. I think the majority of the Democratic Party isn’t even white anymore.

Republicans fail to understand, also, that turning immigration into just a ‘law enforcement issue,’ fails to recognize the fact that immigration policies that we have now where people gain citizenship, is increasing the size of the leftist voter base. This can be seen by the less whit the US gets, the more leftist the Democratic Party gets and the more centrist the Republican Party gets.

I would think it would be the Republican’s responsibility to end a policy that is importing 1.2 legal migrants per year who vote 80 percent for the Democratic Party. Isn’t it a responsibility to keep our democracy from becoming a one-party state, like California? Any Republicans who support mass-immigration policies, just because the immigrants come legally, are doing a disservice to young right-wingers.

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  • Mike
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    1 year ago
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    They love treason

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  • Stuart
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    1 year ago

    Trump is a crook

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  • 1 year ago

    Anyone who opposes mass-immigration, for any reason, is doing a disservice to anyone, young or old, who eats food.

    Nearly every scrap of food in the U.S. was produced on a farm that needs immigrant workers to be able to produce it. (A small amount is imported from other countries.) It is the responsibility of everyone to continue the policies that are necessary so that Americans can eat.

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      You’re Jewish, that’s why you support it.

      “Being anti-immigrant strikes me as antithetical to the liberal values that have been so good for us as Jews.”-Bret Stephens

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