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Why can't I focus on doing my school work?

I do online homeschool. The work is acctually very easy. All you do is read, take notes, maybe watch a video and do an exam. Since I started ( which was a few months ago) I began noticing after a while I would become distracted and bored and unable to do the work without my mother getting on me about it. I am now behind because of it and do not want to do the course. Can anyone give me some tips on how to stay focused and finnish?

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    I'm a homeschooling mom to two high schoolers. One of the things I have found that helps the most is using study music that has binaural beats. This puts your brainwaves into focus mode so you can stay on the material.

    I also find that studying for 45 minute to two hour periods are most effective, before you need a break.

    For more tips on prevent burnout for you and the person who is homeschooling you, check out my blog article on it at http://www.intentionallydomestic.com/seven-tips-to...

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    Working by yourself can become boring after awhile. The advantage of traditional schooling is that you also get the stimulation of your classmates during classroom discussions. We had very lively debates in my high school classes, so we had to be prepared to keep up with our classmates.

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    This is a common problem with home schooling and online courses. The failure rate in MOOCs is extreme because people have all the best intentions to do something but then life gets in the way. Home schooling provides all the comforts - and distractions - you can ask for. And if you're not motivated and disciplined, they'll take over and cause you to fall behind.

    This is one of the reasons traditional schooling makes sense. There is value in the structure, the ritual and the external pressures and deadlines people complain about. Very few people can summon the willpower and motivation to do online schooling solo.

    You'll have to get your mother more involved to keep you on track. Or make yourself a schedule that means serious work is done - avoid every distraction during that time. Go somewhere else to do it. Lock down social media on the computer. No phone. Focus on what you have to do.

    If you can't do that voluntarily , go back to regular school and benefit from a system that forces that on you.

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