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Things to do in Massachusetts?

Home with the kids and we need things to do, inexpensive things to do. No beaches, my kids don’t do beaches. I don’t want to pour money into arcades or trampoline places so no Apex center. They are 13 & 15, what are some things we can do in MA and in New England?? We’ve been to the cape, white mountains.... what else?

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    What do they like?

    -Visit one or more of the harbor islands


    -Castle Island




    -Head out to Springfield and visit the Basketball Hall of Fame

    -Day trip to Kittery for outlet shopping

    -Explore Cape Ann (even if they're not beach kids, the singing sand might interest them)


    -Trip out to the Berkshires- Tanglewood is questionable with teens (some may like it, some may not), some of the ski resorts have summer amusements- alpine slides, mountain coasters, etc.

    -Water Country (Portsmouth, NH) has discounts for weekday tickets

    -Walk around Salem

    -Scavenger hunt- there are a few companies that offer fairly inexpensive hunts done by clues sent to your phone. I've seen a few on Groupon before. Urban Adventure Quest is one, and I'm blanking on the other... there's one that offers different kinds of hunts.

    -Head down to Providence for a day- check when they're having a Water Fire event, words cannot even describe that. So cool, and lots of free giveaways by the sponsoring organizations.

    -Also Providence- Roger Williams Park Zoo. They sometimes have days when you can pay a canned good for admission.

    -Do you and the kids bike? Go to the Cape Cod Canal for a day, or head over the bridge to Falmouth for the Shining Sea Bikeway, or even further for the CC Rail Trail (I recommend Orleans, with a stop at Chocolate Sparrow for the world's best frozen hot chocolate)

    You said no money drains/Apex, but if they haven't tried it yet and there's some money for one special activity, the virtual reality at the Apex Center is really amazing. It's certainly not cheap, but as a one-time thing if there are some extra funds floating around, it's fun.

    Also pricey but might be possible if you find discounts (do they still do the Coke cans?) would be Six Flags in Agawam or Canobie Lake in NH. When I was a teenager (back when Six Flags was Riverside), our favorite day trip was actually to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH.

    Edited to add: Also, check your local YMCA (even if it's in a different town)- mine is offering a variety of classes and workshops for children and teens this summer for low prices or even for free.

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    Visit Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard, you take the ferry, leave the car parked.

    Off season, the B and B's are not that expensive in Nantucket. Some a walk away from the ferry.

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    JFK library and Salem witch trial

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    Avoid marauding French Canadians!!!!!

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    Massachusetts is the uglyest région of the us

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      As are you

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    Yegods. Hit Trip Advisor. Hike the Blue Hills. Walk the Freedom Trail. Do the Newport Cliff Walk.

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    "My kids don't do beaches"- what the???? Maybe that's because you're in Massachusetts and the water is always freezing cold. That's a very difficult age for kids - too old for the things provided for young kids, and not old enough to just go hang out with their friends. In the south, the beach is by far the best place for them to be to get a little exercise and stay out of trouble. Are they interested in Pokemon? We get a lot of mileage out of the taking the kids (7 and 19) to parks to look for Pokemon.

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    JFK Library

    Red Sox game

    The Freedom Trail

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