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Who would win these matches, at their peak?

Mitsuharu Misawa or Steven Regal

Dynamite Kid or Daniel Bryan

Bruiser Brody or Haku

Ric Flair or Triple H

Rey Mysterio or Tiger Mask(Original)

Chris Jericho or Owen Hart

The Steiner Brothers or The British Bulldogs

Hiroshi Tanahashi or Randy Savage

Chris Benoit or Kenta Kobashi

Taiji Ishimori or PAC

Bob Backlund or Kurt Angle

Samoa Joe or KENTA

Will Ospreay or Johnny Gargano

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    Misawa. When it comes to technique they're near evenly matched, but I think Misawa's just got more of a main eventer's edge to him.

    Daniel Bryan. Kid was one of the greats, and probably was a big driving force in the career of guys like Bryan, but I do think Bryan's the better wrestler.

    Haku. It's almost a coin toss, because neither man was afraid to take liberties if things weren't going their way in the ring. If it came to blows though, I think Haku might be the survivor, although I don't think anyone in the fight would come out looking like a 'winner'.

    Flair. Flair's a more consistent wrestler, a bigger draw, and just does whatever it takes to win.

    Rey Mysterio. Rey's just better, period.

    Jericho. I think they're both kind of spent their careers seated on the cusp of being successful headliners, but Jericho eventually broke through whereas Owen fell in his brother's shadow. I think Jericho could beat Bret, and by the transitive property of kayfabe, that means he could beat Owen.

    Steiner Brothers. This would be a brutal one for sure. I think the Steiners were the more complete and cohesive tag team, even though you could argue that the British Bulldogs as individuals and a tandem had a bit of a main event edge.

    Ace vs Macho King...this is a tough one. I'll say Savage based on a size advantage, but those are two very comparable in-ring talents right there that I would've never thought about being similar.

    I'll abstain from this one because I don't know enough about Kobashi sadly.

    PAC. Taiji has cultivated a great style as Bone Soldier, but PAC can do what Taiji does and then some in the ring.

    Kurt Angle. I've never viewed Backlund as this great wrestler that he was lauded as back in the day. I guess comparatively to the rest of what Vince was putting out he was good, maybe. You'd be hard pressed to find someone I'd pick over a prime angle, and Backlund certainly ain't it.

    Samoa Joe. KENTA's a harder striker, which is saying a lot against a prime Samoa Joe, but I think Joe just has more to his advantage with a multi-faceted style and a size advantage.

    I hate to say Ospreay...but I'll say Ospreay. Johnny's proven to be a choke artist on the bigger stages. Will simply isn't. I'd take a Gargano match over an Ospreay match any day of the week, but simply based on their career trajectories I have to give it to Ospreay.

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      I like that you look at it from everything- wrestling ability, kayfabe, and overall physical skills. That is very cool of you.

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  • 1 year ago

    Steven Regal

    Dynamite Kid

    Bruiser Brody

    Ric Flair

    Tiger Mask(Original)

    Owen Hart

    The British Bulldogs

    Randy Savage

    Kenta Kobashi

    Taiji Ishimori

    Bob Backlund


    Will Ospreay

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  • 1 year ago

    Whoever the script writers decided should win.

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