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You can post any questions here to Lord Drenzil, a time traveller from 2067 who warned us about an imminent megaquake 5 days before the fact?

I am Lord Drenzil King of planet earth in the year 2067. I opened a time portal to the year 2019.

How life looks in the year 2067? We in 2067 live in two layers of earth. The first layer is the normal earth you live on right now. The second layer are simply islands floating three miles above the surface. We the royals live on it and we never descend to the earth surface due to widespread danger in it.

Unlike what popular culture portraits the future as waste land. The future is all green but dangerous. The earth surface is very dangerous. This why we live on floating islands.

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    Did you create the Jetsons to warn us of this future? We all know that the Jetsons live up on their floating towers because the surface is too dangerous to live on.

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    Who is your Anonymous poster, the "it" guy?

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    and God will say IN YOUR DREAMS'.

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