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Is there a way to store ideas online, instead of using MS-word?

I am not tech-savvy. My problem is I get a lot of ideas and I used to store my ideas on Word document, but yesterday my computer harddisk crashed and today we couldn't retrieve anything, despite my willingness to pay a lot money for the computer mechanic.

That's 4 years of ideas lost in a day! I am still heart-brken, so much...

Is there a way to store ideas online instead and HOW?

Thanks from India...


I want to be able to store ideas online (since I can't trust my computer anymore) but at the same time I must be able to access to this data easily and be able to easily add new ideas to it easily as well.

Update 2:

Smoke coming from it...and the guys tried everything but couldn't get back the file. One file with all the ideas!

Update 3:

Yes, I thought about USB, but I just type (and don't have big files...just one document to collect the ideas) and store ideas and I get ideas while I, I am thinking how could I store ideas (typing) I could have access wherever I can...

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    Tell me EXACTLY what you mean by hard drive crashed.

    It may be possible to recover the files

    Cant you just buy a usb flash drive and store things on there as back up in future?


    I trust online backup about as far as I can throw it. These big companies are ALWAYS closing things down to make way for new things they think people want. The problem is when they cease them, you lose everything just like you did with your hard drive.

    As for it smoking, the only way I can see that happening is if the air vents were blocked, and that is not the fault of the hard drive, that is user error!

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    Hi. I have the same problem, always getting ideas & writing them down, but after 40+ years of ideas I still end up writing them down.

    Someday I'll have the time to put them all into a database, or document file.

    But I'll prob'ly end up just finding all the notes & scanning them into pictures with My all-in-one for future use.This way I can sort them into specific categories then just scan them into appropriate folders on the computer.

    When I DO enter all that data into a system, I will definitely use an external USB drive, a CD burned copy (20 cents a blank disc when You buy a 100 pack), & prob'ly keep a printed copy of all the text / written files once every 3-4 months (printing the new stuff only after the main files done originally.

    I'd be using an organizing system including the date of each item added to the file, saving to both the harddrive & USB drives once a month, & the printings of course.

    As ar as the drive recovery ... I bought My first ever 2Tb internal harddrive back around the year 2005 with a quick pileof cash I happened into by a lucky lottery week.

    The drive actually physically died unfortunately,by fizzling & with a loud crackle-pop. The drive had a small resistor /transistor / device on it that had physically burned out, with a very stinky puff of smoke.

    This drive has never been recovered but basically has most of My early learning of computers on it,& a lot of files recovered from systems I repaired back in those days ... Company and personal systems I actually owned are theones I wanna get back- but I'm pretty sure it'll involve a lab with a "clean room" taking the drive apart &/or replacing or bypassing that particular part.


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    You can store on google drive in google docs with password protected.

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    Word is perfectly fine. You just have to make back-ups. The cheapest way you could do that is to use USB thumb drives so that the next time your hard disk crashes, you still have your files with you.

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    Hard drive "crashes" are usually not a hardware failure. Normally it's simply a glitch. If the computer won't boot then the easiest thing to do is to remove the hard drive and install it in another computer as a D:\ drive (not a boot up drive). Once it's installed and recognized by the computer it's in, you can normally retrieve essentially all of your documents, pics, music, etc. If you don't know how to do it and those files are critical to you then pay a tech to retrieve them for you.

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    Google docs is online, google keep for small notes could be good. Alternatively do what you do but use dropbox to store the files online.

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    You can use services like Google Drive to store files in the cloud. There are also other options for office suites that will do the job of Word but are free. Open Offie and Libre Office are good choices.

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    Some people use a pencil or pen and paper to write down ideas in what is known as a "journal" or "notebook". You need not use a computer for your ideas if you so choose.

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