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Why doesn’t the play stop in hockey when a player breaks his stick?

If a player breaks his stick and if he has no stick on the ice, why doesn’t the clock and play stop with the whistle? Isn’t that dangerous? I mean if a player got hurt on the ice, the play won’t continue and will have to stop due to safety issues but why isn’t it a safety issue when a player loses his stick or if his stick breaks where he has no stick and can’t defend the puck? This especially happens in the playoffs where the play just goes on with no whistle when a player loses his stick.

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  • 1 year ago

    the sticks are so brittle there are many broken and it would take too long to play the game

  • A player is required to drop his broken stick to the ice once he sees it's broken. He can then skate to the bench for a new one. And, no, he can't have someone on the bench toss it to him either; that's a penalty. Unless he's trapped in his zone during the second period (the one of the long change), it shouldn't take more than a few seconds for him to get new equipment.

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    That would be a perverse incentive to break ones stick if you wanted a whistle.

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    What's unsafe about skating to the bench to get another stick as opposed to skating anywhere else on the ice? What's unsafe is continuing to play with a broken stick, which is why a penalty is called against the player (other than a goaltender) that doesn't drop their broken stick.

    Not having a stick doesn't mean you can't defend. I've seen countless times where a defenseman opted to remain in the play without a stick and drop to block shots. You want to block shots with the body anyway, not the stick. How many times has the puck gone in on a deflection from a defender's stick?

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  • Mike W
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    1 year ago

    Unless a player is trapped in their own zone, they can always go to the bench and get another stick. The goalie is allowed to play with a broken stick until the next stoppage in play.

    Play only stops for injuries if the player is unable to continue skating, and can't make it back to the bench under their own power.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Because there is no safety risk. It is not dangerous whatsoever. They don't have to stop play even when there is a safety risk. If the goalie intentionally throws his mask off the play goes on even if it means he gets his face inverted

  • JuanB
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    1 year ago

    Why do you want to slow the game down to a crawl? They have enough whistles and the game takes too long to play.

    Sticks these days are built to give a faster and harder shot. They therefore break easily. IF deemed to be dangerous and a safety issue they could go back to the old durable sticks.

    Playing with a broken stick is dangerous. So that is a penalty. So now you have taken the danger out of it. Any player goes and touches the big bad broken dangerous stick, the whistle blows and a penalty called.

    The whistle for injury isn't automatic. The referee blows the whistle if he thinks it a serious injury. If the players is unable to play but not expected serious, they only will blow the whistle if the injured player team has the puck.

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