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Atheists what do you think of this guy, he says nature is really the evil one, not God?

This guy writes:

"The neighborhood cats stalk, torture, and kill our chipmunks. The spider whose web I see in front of my window stings the butterfly caught in his web, wraps it with silk, and later comes back to eat it alive. Your knee hurts. Your eyes begin to go. Cancer cells eat up the body of your closest friend. The earth shifts suddenly, and flattens part of a crowded island, and thousands and thousands die.

There’s nature for you. It is sometimes only disgusting, like the dietary habits of our aging mutt. It’s sometimes just annoying, like your aching knee and fuzzy vision. But it is also cold, brutal, merciless. Nature is entirely selfish and utterly amoral. It’s doesn’t care about anyone’s pain. It’s soaked in the blood of the innocent.

And yet some people say that we ought to abandon the religions we have. Walk around any major city and note the number of hospitals with names like “Mercy Hospital” and “Our Lady of . . .” and “Beth Israel.” how many missions go around the world to feed the poor, build them homes, and give them health care when they’re sick. Remember those missionaries who got ebola because they kept helping people at the risk of their lives?

So he says basically atheists should really be mad at a fallen world (which is exactly what Christian theology teaches). We live in a fallen sinful world (because of the devil and Original Sin).Atheists blame God instead of the one they should really blame: The devil and sin.

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    TIRH not about them....NATURE CAN BE STIRRED UP BY THE devil....he is called prince of the air in THE BIBLE...THINK about that.

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    If you want to think nature is evil, that is certainly your choice.

    If God created everything as the Bible claims, then nature is God's creation and everything that happens in nature is due to God.

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    According to your religion, God knowingly created all things. He is therefore ultimately responsible for all things. Nature does not appear to be conscious and therefore lacks the ability to do wrong. It can do harm but it cannot sin because that requires consciousness. Humans have the potential to be conscious but most are not conscious. That's just how we're made.

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    I think that he and you are both completely halfwitted and missing the point, but that you're particularly idiotic if you think that anyone here is going to take anything you say seriously when you hide behind anonymity to say it.

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    Stupidity exists, there is nothing you can do about it.

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    He is saying that we should be mad at something that is not a conscious entity and which has no intent? What an idiot! Now if there were some all powerful being that allowed nature to be like that, I could understand somebody claiming it was evil, but there does not seem to be any such thing.

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    Jews had the story of the Garden of Eden for 1000 years before Christianity and never saw a concept of original sin. There is no devil -- the story is an allegory.

    Christianity is based on a totally bizarre distortion of the original Jewish Messiah concept. "Messiah" means "anointed one" -- not "savior".

    And, as Jea said, nature is neutral.

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    sounds like an idiot to me. there are no evil ones or gods

  • Wow. I deserve a gold star for slogging through that to the end. As for you? You get the dumbass of the day award for missing the point completely. Atheists don't blame God for the condition of the world, because they don't believe in him, idiot.

  • Jea
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    Nature is neutral, indifferent.

    God is a hoax.

    So much for your evil theory.

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