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lando asked in SportsWrestling · 2 years ago

Who else thinks that if TNA, AAA, AEW, ROH, NJPW all work for major pay-per-view events they would compete and possibly surpass WWE?

I understand all the companies are there independent entities but if they outdo WWE in pay per views and then work together to outdo them in TV shows then they've just weakened the biggest establish competition. If they can work together to beat the WWE and they can compete against each other. I doubt they'll put Egos and finances aside to beat the WWE but if they did I think they could outdo them

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    2 years ago
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    TNA and AAA used to work together, and I'm pretty sure ROH works with both CMLL and New Japan, and they also work with NWA for what it's worth. AEW's growing connections around the world with the likes of OWE, potentially MLW, and I think Oz Academy or Stardom, one of the two. Maybe both. I'm not up on my joshi as much as I'd like to be.

    My point is that these companies already lean on each other to some extent. They work with other promotions and one another constantly and don't even make a dent. A mega roster of talent or a super card isn't going to usurp the WWE or even give them a fight, at least not in a global market. AAA has ran shows with and without TNA that have surpassed WWE in the ratings in Mexico, but after attempts at integrating talent into TNA's programming, building promotions like Lucha Libre USA, Lucha Underground, and to some extent Wrestling Society X, to even having a free to view network of backlog shows on Pluto TV, AAA still doesn't have a strong presence anywhere outside of Mexico.

    New Japan's shot itself in the foot with it's East Coast tour, to the point that a stacked night one of G1 in Texas still hasn't sold out. ROH had trouble filling seats at Best in the World, which integrated both CMLL, NWA, and New Japan stars if you count Dragon Lee as both CMLL and New Japan, which I do. Impact's still mired with technical problems and have problems zeroing in on one group of talent. The only name listed out of the group that's doing well is AEW, and that's mostly going off of good will considering both of their recent shows had horrendous free pre-shows and no TV time to build feuds. All you had leading into either is Being The Elite, which I know I don't watch.

    These companies need to tend to their own gardens before trying to make WWE buy the farm. Even then, only two or three of those promotions have the financial resources to give WWE a problem. I doubt Anthem's putting any more money into Impact, especially considering a lot of their workers are reported to still have second jobs. Sinclair's main financial focus clearly isn't ROH. I don't know how much money New Japan has in it, but I'm sure it's got plenty since it's the dominant promotion in it's territory and can manage to pull big names from around the world, same goes for AAA to an extent. The only wholly invested (I refuse to say all in) backer that we know about that has a history of pouring as much resources needed to make his projects work that we know about is Tony Khan, and as of now AEW's been extremely vocal about not being interested in working with ROH or New Japan, to the point that Moxley was pulled from working a major U.S. date for New Japan. These guys aren't looking to get along.

    Even if they were, even if everyone pushed their ego aside, joined forces, came to a compromise and put on a PPV event, there's a good chance it wouldn't draw much more than Double Or Nothing or Fyter Fest because a.) to a casual market these promotions are unknown and b.) PPV is a near dead medium that most people aren't willing to invest in, especially when it comes to a new and untested product filled with new faces and names.

    Fantasticamania happens every year in Mexico and includes both New Japan and ROH talents, along with CMLL staples. I doubt half of the smart marks on the internet know it happens, much less the casual audience outside of Mexico. It gets no coverage here because no one cares.

  • 2 years ago

    It’s not going to happen because AEW is going to try to outperform wwe on its own since it’s backed by a billionaire

  • Impact Wrestling works with and runs shows with a number of Professional Wrestling Promotions. Ring of Honor does have working relationships with New Japan Pro Wrestling, CMLL and more recently with The National Wrestling Alliance (The NWA). AEW is working on developing working relationships with other Professional Wrestling Promotions. New Japan Pro Wrestling has a number of working relationships with a number of Professional Wrestling Promotions. For people who do not follow Professional Wrestling regularly, World Wrestling Entertainment is synonymous with Professional Wrestling and that is strangle hold in The United States that will be hard to surpass.

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