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Constantly getting sick at new job?

I’m a teacher I took a job at a summer camp this summer. The place is NOT the cleanest place in the world. They only use Lysol wipes no bleach. They only clean the floors and toilets once a week on Friday’s. It’s actually quite disgusting. I’ve never used so much hand sanitizer in my life. I close the camp daily and I’m responsible for taking out bathroom trash and the regular trash. At one point they didn’t even provide me gloves to take bathroom trash out. Since starting there I’ve been sick EVERY WEEK. I’ve called out once a week for the past 3 weeks. It’s always the same a stomach bug. Now I have a nasty upper respiratory infection. I can’t call out today as I fear I’m going to be fired. I work with children year round teaching 2nd grade and I NEVER have gotten sick this much! I always worked last year at another summer camp and never got sick once!! Any suggestions on what to do? I feel absolutely TERRIBLE.

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    You are not adjusted to the real germs that need to be attacked only in these type of surroundings.

    If you were not from a sanitized surrounding all year, it would not be a problem here, so your body has to build up immunity to this new situation.

    Cover your mouth with a maskm, while doing trash.

    Hand sanitizer may not be doing trick, wash hands with water and soap, from bottled or heated water, with Dettol in it, or a little diluted bleach can . go a long way.

    Stomach bug has to do with hand to mouth sanitation, so make sure hands are clean and utensils are sanitzed in bleach water, have large clear sandwich bags and dont eat food with hands.

    Vitamin C and or Pepto Bismol and walking with sanitizer for wiping toilet . seat also you can use used plastic bags to hold trash and avoid handling most anything you come in contact with.

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    If you can get to the local general store buy some disposable rubber gloves.Next time keep a bottle of Phisohex on you.

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    leave,and tell them why, report them to the health authority too.

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    This is the marriage and divorce section.

    Lysol kills germs. Bleach isn't necessary. Gloves are not required to pull a bag out of a trash can.

    QUIT using hand sanitizer! The body NEEDS to be exposed to germs and bacteria to keep your immune system healthy. And know that the conditions you're working in are NOT the filth you think they are.

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  • Sounds like getting fired would be a positive. Report the operators to the local health department.

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