Have you ever actually read US Citizenship law (US Code 1401)? There is no birthright Citizenship; so anchor babies must be deported too?


You need at least ONE US Citizen parent to be a "born Citizen" and TWO US Citizen parents AND be born incountry to be a "natural born Citizen"...and if you have ZERO US Citizen parents no matter where you were born, why you can queue up and fill out the Citizenship forms after age 18 to MAYBE become a US Citizen, when it's your turn.

Update 2:

1869 coincided with making the children of FREED AFRICAN SLAVES WHO WERE BORN SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS WERE SLAVES US CItizens not the rest of the planet,

Update 3:

A NBC is always a CAB, but a CAB is not always a NBC; that's why the law gives naturalized (i.e. statutory) Citizenship to 1-Citizen-parent-born-incountry/2-parent babies but NOT to 2-Citizen-parent-born-incountry natural born Citizens since they are

Update 4:

not statutory, they are NATURAL BORN CITIZENS (see The Law of Nations A1S8).

goes back to ancient Roman law jus soli jus sanguinis is a natural born Citizen, this is in the Law of Nations

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  • 7 months ago
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  • RICK
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    7 months ago

    The SC says birthright citizenship is covered by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution and NO Us code override the constitution

    • hooo7 months agoReport

      14th was not for the world's population who would sht out spawn over the borderline it's strictly for those babies born "subject to the jurisdiction" Mexican babies are Mexican Citizens, read their law.

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  • 7 months ago

    You are looking in the wrong place. See US Constitution.

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  • 7 months ago

    @ hooo I repeat, are you daft? Did you learn about US history and law in China or where?

    @ hooo Are you daft? Also, the US civil war ended in 1865. Jeeez.

    There is no category called "born citizen".

    Someone is a "natural born citizen" if they automatically acquired US citizenship at birth. There are multiple ways to do that. The term is important mainly because it is one of the requirements to be President of the USA.

    Someone who acquires US citizenship due to being born in the USA is a "native born citizen" but no job or office requires that.

    Birthright citizenship is derived from the 14th Amendment, which was adopted to regularize the status of former slaves after the civil war. It was not adopted to give citizenship to people whose parent(s) entered the USA completely illegally.

    The US Supreme Court has never considered the question of birthright citizenship for people who are children of parents who entered the USA completely illegally. There is indeed a chance the parents in question DO fail to be "under the jurisdiction" of the USA.

    Note that while the authors of the 14th Amendment did not exclude children of illegal aliens from birthright citizenship it was because illegal immigration basically did not exist at the time. They did make it clear children of people who were in the USA unlawfully - such as members of an invading army - are not entitled to citizenship. I believe today's illegal aliens who entered the USA completely illegally should be considered the same as members of an invading army. The efforts of the Left to create sanctuary cities and states highlight the > fact < the illegals are not fully "subject to the jurisdiction" of the USA.

    However, people who are born to parents who enter the USA legally certainly are citizens, even if they are products of birth tourism.

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  • JetDoc
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    7 months ago

    The concept of "birthright citizenship" is based on the 14th amendment to the Constitution. Maybe you should have your mommy read it to you.

  • 7 months ago

    I've read the part of the Constitution of the United States of America that says that we do have birthright citizenship for "all persons born in the United States..." It does not require any citizen parents. When the Constitution and the USC don't say the same thing, the Constitution always takes precedence.

    Also, if you have zero citizen parents and were born in the U.S., then you can't queue up to become a citizen, because being born outside the U.S. is one of the requirements to "become" a citizen. Being a citizen at birth is the only way that someone born in the U.S. can be a citizen.

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