Could a CPU be made as a GPU? Could it be made just like a GPU? Installed on a PCI Express X16 slot vs CPU slot.?

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  • Fulano
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    5 months ago

    Just some added detail to why this wouldn't work well:

    CPUs are design to run a line of instructions as fast as possible. They used to have "software mode" for old games (say Half Life 1) but it was a terribly slow way to draw the graphics, because CPU had to calculate the drawing one piece at a time.

    GPUs on the other hand have thousands of cores that each draw a small piece of the screen at the same time, so they can draw images much faster, but are very slow at running a line of instructions.

    That's why computers are designed with two chips dedicated to each task.

    Otherwise, I've never seen any way to put a GPU in a CPU slot or a CPU in a GPU slot. I know some software can run mathematical calculations on a GPU, like Data Mining. They do make CPUs with graphics cores on them like in laptops so you can get a low power graphics option.

  • 5 months ago

    A example of this is intel's integrated graphics, An intel i5 is a cpu but has integrated graphics so part of the cpu is used for graphic processing but you need to buy a cpu that has a integrated graphic driver etc.. not any random cpu can be used

  • 5 months ago

    No, it can't and would also be pointless as it's not designed to perform the same tasks as a GPU is.

  • Aaron
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    5 months ago

    They are called APUs.

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  • 6 months ago

    You mean like Intel's recently discontinued Xeon Phi? However you can't use that as a Graphics card.

    The architectural difference between a CPU and GPU is not similar. CPU's are designed to read instructions and decode while a GPU is simplistic.

  • opurt
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    6 months ago

    They actually did make CPUs that were slot loading for a short while (the Pentium III). They gave up on the experiment because it was too expensive and too limiting.

    • Fulano
      Lv 7
      5 months agoReport

      But wasn't that into a CPU socket? Not a PCI socket?

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