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How is life after marriage?

I notice many couples argue a lot and try to divorce or their is cheating, yet there are couples they live happily.

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    done right it is good

    life is never perfect no matter what

    people who marry because they wanted a wedding but were not prepared to meet the responsibility of married

    people expecting too much ,,, or not ready to do their part

    most problems are

    1. money - if one is a spender and expect the other to provide.. you fail both need to be responsible 100% no excess spending keep on a written budget, do not live by the payments - save to buy as needed do not borrow money do not go to debt

    2. Sex problems lack of -- better figure this out before you marry and lots of sex or no marriage

    3. Religion one imposing on the other - agree before hand and do not assume

    4 Family interference too much time with extended family

    6. having children how many of any and who will do what . spanking changing etc DO NOT ASSUME

    too often outside people will tell you how it should be regardless of the agreements and what you spouse is willing to do or not do ,, if you live by that you will get divorced .. YOUR prenuptial agreement is how you must live, Sit down talk about it.

    I will go back to money.... if you both do not have fiscal solid budgets now ?... do not marry unto you both do and live by them ... if you think getting married with fix problems in your life,,,, do not get married

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    How is life during marriage; ups and downs like life weather the storms keep on loving through the next unexpected wave of uncertainty. All marriages are different based on personality.

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    Its what you make of it. People get divorced cause they give up and its the easy way out. I have been married 24 years and communication and trust are the biggest parts of a relationship.

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    Because people are individuals, and marriages are made up of two individuals, every marriage is different from every other marriage.

    The key to a good marriage is knowing the other person well before marriage, sharing the same values, having similar life goals, and both love and like the other person. Compatible people who respect each other are more likely to be happy years later.

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      Undervalued: you read too much into my comments, perhaps from your own experience. Never been a victim of anything--I meant "deadly to the relationship". And you sound like a cranky old man against younger generations.

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    Life after marriage varies but it centers entirely around communication and structure. Without those two things the marriage falls apart pretty easily. Communication is needed so everyone follows the same goals. Structure is needed so there's a chain in command.

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      Whoa, you lost me at chain of command. There's no boss in this house. Married 45 years.

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