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I have a 24 hour layover in Beijing. Any restaurants or quick things to do while I'm in Beijing you recommend.?

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  • 6 months ago

    As most all have said you can't just pop out of the terminal and go into the city. That, by the way, is true of all international lay overs. You have to go through security, customs, and passport/visa whenever you leave the international terminal...even if you don't leave the airport.

    But if your baggage is checked straight through to your destination, you don't even have your luggage let alone have to check it through. But you will have to go through all the lines to get back into the international terminal again.

    So I don't think going into Beijing during a layover can be done (the visa) but even if it could, it's probably not worth the hassle. So I recommend you just enjoy their new terminal. When my wife and I went to Beijing the old terminal was still in operation; so we didn't have that luxury.

    However if you have a chance one day, Beijing is a great city to tour. Our hotel was in the central part of the city; so we opted to just walk around and see the downtown on our own. And, yes, contrary to some answers, you can do that. They don't watch your every step...that's just a myth.

    As to where to eat...the Hard Rock Cafe. Yeah, they have one in Beijing. My wife and I went there one evening because, get this, we were tired of Chinese food. In fact during our five night stay in Beijing we saw KFC, Hard Rock, Baskin Robbins, and McDonald's all around the city.

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  • Toruko
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    7 months ago

    Let's assume you escape the airport and only had a knapsack carry-on.

    Food. An ex-Russian Embassy chef can properly serve you filet mignon, borscht, chicken kiev. wiener schnitzel, and a French style soufflé out

    by Dongdan Dajie, If you order the Sichuan style elsewhere expect

    extra hot flavors. Order Japanese beer for relief. The Beijing special

    comes Mongolian style, often labeled Peking Duck, but that gags a

    good Communist. That's why there's a lot of other duck choices

    no commie will ignore. Expect to be queued for supper so hurry in

    before late afternoon arrives. If you intend to rent a bicycle do not

    ride without checking brakes, pressure, saddle securement, to

    avoid a pain. The buses run slow downtown, are crowded, and

    keep a hand on your passport. Most visitors get hurt by or upon

    moving scooters. See if the Guanghua Hotel was renovated.

    If you secure a room reservation the Number 9 bus might still

    roll there. Do not steal . People are paid to watch you.

    • oldprof
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      6 months agoReport

      Total bull.

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  • RICK
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    7 months ago

    To leave the airport you need to clear customs and immigration which means you must have a visitors visa

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  • Dj2541
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    7 months ago

    Whatever you do take some face masks so that you will be able to breathe.

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  • 7 months ago

    No. You can't just go into Beijing. First of all, you need a visa to leave the airport. Secondly, it's a vast city with horrible traffic and it takes hours to get anywhere. Just enjoy the airport- it's very modern.

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  • Nancy
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    7 months ago

    You know you can't leave the airport international terminal don't you? Not without collecting all of your baggage and passing through customs, meaning you will have to not just haul yourself but also all of your baggage to that restaurant or to those "quick things to do" while in Beijing. Then, when you go to make your connecting flight, you will have to recheck all of your baggage. There's even the possibility, nigh the probability, that the airline and/or airport won't let you leave the international terminal, pass through customs, and enter Beijing because that is not on your itinerary and you do not have a travel visa that allows that.

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