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Scarlet asked in PetsCats · 9 months ago

What s wrong with my cat?

He s a three year old male. He had urinary crystals last year but has been on a wet diet. This morning he threw up while attempting to go to the litter box. I thought he was having trouble urinating but I m not sure. He has been drinking water after but avoided his food. Maybe he s constipated? He s obviously in discomfort and cringing his stomach. Even hiccuped a little. The vomit was clear liquid. I already check his private to find no visible crystal blockage.

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    9 months ago
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    Is there any wet spots or fresh poop in the litter box? Does the cat show pain if you gently press his tummy or down between his hind legs near his bladder?

    If his belly feels stiff or it feels like his tummy is sticking out like he just ate a large meal you need to call the vet and get him in asap. If between his legs it ioiks like there's a bulge or he howls, meows, hisses or spits at you or desperately struggles to run when you touch back there call the vet as he may have a bladder stone or a huge crystal blocking the urethra and he can't pee. If he ate something that she stuck in his stomach, if he had something that got stuck in his bowels irritating like an impaction of hair, a piece of string, part of a toy, stick or whatever, it's a medical emergency and he needs to be seen now, not wait and see.

    If the cats vomiting whenever he drinks he needs to be seen, if he's vomited after this last time and he not eaten or drank any more he needs to be seen. These are warning signs something's more wrong than a simple tummy ache, especially when you said he was "cringing" his stomach, an obvious sign of severe not mild pain.

    Do you know when the last time he peed or pooped? Has it been over 12 hours?

    When you go to contact the vet, the office will be closed but the usually have a recording saying what to do or who to call (another doctor, or your vets cel phone number or referral to an emergency vet hospital or a 24 hour vet service). You can give them a call and ask a professional medical opinion of what to look for and how long to wait.

    When my cat stopped eating I didn't think a or about it, however every time he drank he vomited, then he was panting as he was laying near his water, I couldn't figure out why since he had not been very active that day. I decided to bring him to the vet after hours and had him checked. The X-ray found that he ate one of his cat toys which was stuck in the beginning part if his intestines. He had surgery and was fine, however the etc said if I would she waited 24 hours he may not have have it through the surgery since he was already dehydrated after one day.

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  • 9 months ago

    Unfortunately, there's no easy visible way to determine the cause of why a cat can be vomiting. However, it sure is something to be seriously concerned warranting a medical evaluation. Vomiting can be caused by a myriad of sources: IBD, cancer, urinary disorders, kidney failure, etc. If this continues, please consider scheduling an appt with your veterinarian to have your cat evaluated and treated respectively.

    Source: feline behaviourist and trainer.

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