Why do some first names never catch on and some do?

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    6 months ago
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    Taste preference. Also America used to be more filled with more descendants of Britain, so names like Charles, Robert, Arthur, Henry, Albert, Howard... were actually on the most popular list in the past. For women, a lot of names that were popular, now sound old and dated: Betty, Nancy, Carolyn, Patricia, Dorothy, Brenda, Phyllis, Marilyn, Beverly, Doris, Wanda, Geraldine, Patsy, Sylvia, Darlene, Roberta, Glenda, Marjorie, Lorraine, Loretta, Edna, Wilma, Florence, Yvonne, Bernice, Gayle, Beatrice, Jill, Leslie..etc... Popular male names tend to stay classic for much longer, as opposed to female names. But certain select classic female names have come back into style.... Lilian, Vivian, Olivia, Emma, Ava, Amelia, Claire, Nora, Sadie, Lydia, Madeline, Adeline...etc...

    Certain names just don't pick up in popularity, probably just due to taste. Plus there are cultural differences in tastes, too. For example Rafael has been popular in Spanish speaking countries, but not in America. Poppy, Paisley, Maisie, Archie are popular in the UK, not in America.

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