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Got a 100 gallon for my turtle, can he live outside?

I’m just making sure they can. I have two, and I will put in a divider. Both are male and 7+ years old I do not expect much more growing.

I got this tank for free, I’m going to re seal it, but I’m not comfortable with it in the house because

1) I can’t lift it

2) I bet it’ll collapse anything I put it on

3) what if it were to leak

I am thinking spring, summer, and fall.

I will build an extravagant topper, divided for the two. Willing to buy a heater.

What temperature should it be outside when I need to bring them in?

I live in Canada and refuse to attempt a winter.


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  • O Man
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    7 months ago

    No, an all glass enclosure is going to over heat very quickly in the summer (even with a mesh lid or sides), and most likely in the winter it will not get warm enough (unless you live in the tropics). I tried putting a glass tank with large mesh vent and mesh lids in full shade on my verranda, and the temps shot up to around 65 C VERY quickly without ANY heating!!

    If your local climate is suitablwe for the turtle species you have you could always buld an outdoor pen with a suitably deep pond. Just make sure it is predator proof, escape proof, and has sufficennt sun/shade, and the pond is deep enough so it doesnt totally freeze over in winter.

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  • 7 months ago

    Glass aquariums can NOT be used outdoors. The glass magnifies sunlight and will get too warm.

    Its possible to house turtles outside, but you will need something different

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  • 7 months ago

    Don't know the species here and relevant.

    One place I lived had a natural pond with a few native sliders about.

    Kept a desert tortoise 13 years, he had a penned off corner of the garage with a hidy and hibernation place.

    Warm seasons, he had a path to the back yard, water and shade available, tortoise proofed, sort of free roam pet, but quite social.

    Keeping such animals is much creating a natural environment for them with all their needs provided.

    Canada I think has too harsh of winters for turtles outdoors. A good site to read up on turtle keeping:


    • OogieBoogie7 months agoReport

      Turtles aren’t allowed outside in winter, I refuse. Won’t happen. The tank will be in the patio room outside until I plan how to move/use it next year, in the house. Red ear slider and a painted turtle

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  • oikoσ
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    7 months ago

    That depends on the species of turtle and their size. The rule of thumb is 10 gallons of tank per inch of turtle shell. If either of the turtles has a shell more than 5" long, fuhgeddaboudit! As a rule of thumb, when you need a jacket, bring everyone inside. Actually, your problems may come sooner than winter and from heat, not cold. A glass tank can act like a greenhouse.

    Actually, you might do better to buy a child's wading pool or two for summertime use. You would probably have to screen-off the tops to keep the turtles in and the predators out. Have a couple of shaded spots so the turtles can cool off. Leave the aquarium inside and spread out its weight by placing it on a thick, broad piece of plywood.

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    • oikoσ
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      7 months agoReport

      In other words, keep it outside and invest in a basking light and aquarium heater. Those should keep the turtles healthy in all but the coldest temperatures.

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  • 7 months ago

    It depends a lot on what kind of turtle it is, and you didn't specify. I wouldn't recommend it just because it's a lot harder to control the conditions outside, even during optimal seasons for them you can't always predict odd weather. Do you have the turtles currently? How are you keeping them now?

    I don't think I can update answers though so I'll just go ahead and list the temperature requirements for the most popular pet turtles out there, and hope you can make the wisest decision from there.

    Red Ear Slider: Water Temp 24 C to 29 C. Basking temp of 28 to 31 C.

    Painted Turtle: Water temp of 24 C to 26 C. Basking temp of 30 C to 35 C.

    Musk/Stinkpot turtle: Water temp of 22 C to 26 C. Basking temp around 32 C

    Eastern Box turtle: Ambient 21 C- 32 C. Basking temp 29-32 C.

    If I didn't list yours, most are easily googled, and Reptiles Magazine has lots of good care sheets on their website. Remember to provide UVB for them when you bring them inside, keeping them near a window won't provide them with enough to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease. Best of luck!

    • OogieBoogie7 months agoReport

      I have a slider and a painted turtle. Both inside in 50-60 gallons on their own

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