should I buy a MacBook with (8GB, 516SSD) or (16GB, 256SSD)?

I was trying to buy a MacBook but I couldn’t decide if I should get (8GB, 516SSD) or (16GB, 256SSD).

I guess my question is what is more important memory or SSD when it comes to programming. I had 2015 MacBook (8GB, 128SSD) but the storage wasn’t enough with all the school projects and some other side projects.

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  • 5 months ago
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    At this point you can't really upgrade either on new MacBooks, but you can expand your storage beyond the SSD by using things like external hard drives, thumb drives, etc.

    Simply put, more RAM allows your computer to run more programs simultaneously without slowing down. MacOS in particular tends to really chug when it's low on memory. Programs that are installed do not use your RAM unless they are in use. It's like your computer's short term memory, as anything in your RAM is cleared out when you turn off your computer.

    Storage, or the SSD, allows you to store more files on the computer. This is the long term memory, or (semi) permanent storage.

    Personally I'd probably buy a computer that can be upgraded/repaired easily, but if it must be a MacBook, the one with more memory is probably a better long term solution since there are other storage options.

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    5 months ago

    depends on what all you plan on using it for.

    RAM is like a work area. the more you haven the more you can have running.

    if you're working with video, you will want the larger hard drive.

    otherwise, 256 may be fine.

  • opurt
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    5 months ago

    On a MacBook, generally neither the RAM or the storage are directly upgradeable after you buy them. You can always add more storage by plugging a USB thumb drive or hard drive or even using cloud storage, while you're always stuck with whatever RAM is in the system.

    Because of that I'd generally go for the extra RAM over the disk space unless you're sure that the 8GB will be enough for what you need.

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    5 months ago

    I'd say the memory is more important but in this case I think 8GB is enough for that task. 16GB is of course better but I don't think as necessary in this case & it sounds like storage is key here.

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