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Is this something to worry about?

My child is having huge poos! Her poops look like they came out of a ice cream machine. You know when is gonna be a bit one because she is having cramps in her stomach and butt pain. Is this dangerous? Is it serious? Should I worry about it?


She eats crisp and chocolate. I can't get her to eat anything else she is 10 .

Update 2:

I put it on a shelf and she steals it. I think she is stealing the step ladder. This has been happening for over a month

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  • lala
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    7 months ago

    Give the poor child food with high fiber

    Like grapes kiwi prunes blueberry

    brocolli cabbage corn ;;everyday

    SHe is suffering from constipation and soon enough she will have hemmoroid

    OH YES you can !! You are the mother so you decide what she is going to eat

    and if she refuse you give her nothing to eat ;;No more chocolate

    Of course she will cry

    Let cry but also explain to her that you are doing this for well being

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  • 7 months ago

    What has she been eating? The cramps aren't serious, but they can really bother a child. Watch her diet- it may be that she's sensitive to something- dairy, for example. Try to track her symptoms and see if they happen when she eats something particular. Then talk to her doctor.

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