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Dr. Sleep Stephen king novel, timeline error ?

In the book in chapter 2 page 95 he writes about shriek Fiona etc but the current president is bill clinton mentioned in the previous chapter which would be before shrek came out. Am I missing something or is this just an obvious timeline error . I’m get it ya a fiction book but if your going to try to have it set in a real world time you would think they would use realistic references from that time .

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    He has the shinning , he knows about the future ,

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    Shrek came out in 2001. Clinton became president in 2002. However Fiona was in all the Shrek movies, the second one came out in 2004.

    Since there IS an overlap of even the first movie being out when Clinton was president, I don't see any inconsistencies, the DVD release date was at the end of 2001 so it would be available.

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