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what did he mean by this? was it an insult? will give best answer?

I have been chatting with this man online and he seems very interested in me romantically. ...but I am a plain Jane and I am older than he is and he is handsome, as you can I started trying to discuss my looks with him and he stopped me and said that looks dont matter to him at all. was he insulting me by saying that looks dont matter to him? and why would they not matter when he is so handsome himself?

will choose a best answer

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    Often, good looking people are aware that their looks are a blessing at birth and don't really have anything to do with who they are, what they are, how they've grown themselves. His good looks are not an accomplishment of his own. People who know this from personal experience might be very sincere in their declaration that looks aren't all that important.

    Also, he's not looking to make you the mother of his children. You two barely know each other. Just be your own best friend and behave accordingly.

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      Great advice! Thanks!

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    You need to be careful with this guy. He may be setting you up to plunder your assets. While it's true that looks don't mean much in the long run, a younger, handsome man is a red flag.

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    Two ways to look at this.

    1) He could be telling the truth.


    2) He could be lying!

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