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Dear Offended Christian?

Dear Offended Christian,

I’m terribly sorry that your feelings are hurt again. I feel badly about that. None of us likes to be criticized, so I totally get it.

I know I’ve said some pretty hard words to you recently, and maybe I’ve been somewhat less than “cheery” in my delivery, but that happens when you’re tired.

And I am really tired:

I’m tired of hearing you telling LGBTQ people that they can’t simultaneously be both LGBTQ and Christian.

I’m tired of having to explain what “Transgender” means to adult Christian people, who I’m quite sure have Internet access and should know better by now that it isn’t “a guy in a dress”.

I’m tired of arrogant pulpit bullies who believe they’re entitled to tell people where they can pee and who they can marry and whether they really love Jesus or not.

I’m tired of you regularly dispensing damnation on the LGBTQ community, and then offering empty “thoughts and prayers” in the face of tragedy before resuming your normal schedule.

I’m tired of you being more outraged by red coffee cups and department store restrooms than by poverty and racism and gun violence and our crumbling school system.

I’m tired of LGBTQ people being accused of the kind of predatory behavior that cisgender heterosexual men have actually been exhibiting, since the man cave was an actual cave—the kind you keep voting for.

I’m tired of reminding you that the number of times Jesus condemned people for their gender identity or sexual orientation in the Gospels—is zero.


I’m tired of having to explain to people that although I am a Christian, that I’m not that type of Christian; the kind that is generous with damnation and stingy with Grace.

I’m tired of LGBTQ teens cutting their forearms and jumping off buildings because they’re told by their church friends that God hates them, because their Christian parents told them, because their Christian pastors told them.

Update 2:

I’m tired of followers of Jesus who don’t seem interested in cracking open a book to see what we’ve learned about the brain and the body in 2,000 years, or to realize that gender identity and sexual orientation don’t equal the word “homosexuality” in the Bible.

I’m tired of all the time I have to spend undoing the damage the Church has done to queer kids and their families.

Update 3:

I’m tired of religious folk who seem to want small government everywhere except the bedroom and bathroom.

I’m tired of Scientific ignorance being treated as if it’s a Christian virtue.

I’m tired of hearing professed Christians preach verbatim the gospel of Fox News.

Update 4:

I’m tired of high-profile pastors blaming gay people for 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and ISIS and child obesity.

I’m tired of waiting for you to show up in this world and actually show the freakin’ love of Jesus to people the way he did and told you to, without excuses or caveats or theological tap dancing to avoid it.

I’m tired of so many people believing that “Christian” and “bigot” are synonymous—and not disagreeing with them.

Update 5:

I’m tired of a Church which seems to be so ambivalent toward the teachings and example of Jesus.

I’m tired of a Christianity that is making me more and more embarrassed to be associated with it.

Update 6:

So I get that your feelings are hurt. I understand that you’re offended, and that’s not my intention.

But listen, if you’re going to tell a group of people that they’re going to Hell simply for existing, and you’re going to continually target those people through the Church and the Law and your social media accounts, don’t get angry with me when I tell you you’re being hateful and judgmental and ignorant.


At least I’m not damning you for all eternity.


A Very Tired Christian

Update 7:

"oh, so you think you're smarter than God, dear? "

Nope, just smarter than you.

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    You have noting to apologize for, they deserve exactly what people give them when they try to impose their religion on others and being a total azzhole about it when others do not live their life the way it should be lived. They are not sorry for imposing their religion on you so why should you be sorry when you respond?

  • 5 months ago

    Your "zero" figure isn't actually accurate. It's frequently mentioned in the Bible, both testaments. Anytime you see "fornication," that term includes homosexuality. Not to mention the specific commandment about men not laying with with men as they would with a woman, and vice versa.

    Also, it wasn't the only problem there, as people like to claim, but homosexual behavior was among the problems that caused the end of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    So, step down from your ivory tower, Dear, and accept the fact that not everyone loves or condones that particular sin. Nor will everyone love it, regardless of how much government help they get, or how loud they become.

    That said, it is A sin. Just like any other. We all have our own. We just don't all flaunt them and insist on others approval.

    • Jennifer
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      5 months agoReport

      No one who knows what they're talking about, Biblically, says you can't be a Christian, but you also can't repent for a sin you won't acknowledge as sin.

  • 5 months ago

    I'm not offended, dear one.

    But God can't stop the inexorable workings of eternal laws for our comfort and convenience. All sexual conduct outside of hetero marriage is sin, gay or straight. God has no double standard, only a high one.

  • 5 months ago

    I don't mean to offend you in return, but we are all tired of you and your ilk trying to alter the well established definitions of gender, sexuality, and even "Christian." These are all laid out rather pointedly in God's Word, which we accept as the final word. Cultures, societies, and individuals change, but God's Word remains unchanged.

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  • 5 months ago

    Dear “offended Christians”..

    Then goes on to make an entire book about how she’s offended.

    Trust me, I as a Christian am not in the slightest offended about anything. I have an abundance of love and joy in my heart and I will continue to spread nothing but that. I will continue to do what is right in a world that glorifies wrong. I will help all people until the end of my days, and I pray that my heart always finds the beauty in all living things.

    May you have a blessed day, and may you find true peace inside your soul, because it’s clear from your post that you are certainly not at peace.

    People hate what they can not understand, hatred stems from confusion. There seems to be a lot of it in your heart. May you learn to love all people including your fellow Christians.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You sound exhausted. Must suck to be you.

    (Not offended btw - I actually couldn't care less what you think. Only one opinion counts, and that belongs to God Almighty.)

  • oh, so you think you're smarter than God, dear?

    You should be apologizing to God.

  • Jen
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    5 months ago

    And Im tired of Y!A trolls so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    This isn't Yahoo Rants, dear

  • Frank
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    5 months ago

    Did you have a question? People from all religions have issues that stem far away from the original intent of the original “religion” was meant to be if it was a religion at all.

    Whether he existed or not (not relevant), Jesus was just a guy. He wanted everyone to love each other. I can kinda get behind that sentiment, but I refuse to bother with all the rest of the crap lumped in on top. I do nOt subscribe to any religion and I really HATE ISLAM. I don’t hate Muslims, per say, the religion absolutely sucks and needs to be eradicated.

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