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Signs a guy is in love with you?

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    Signs that a guy likes you? He'll stare, try to hang around you, find stupid reasons to talk to you, maybe act nervous... stuff like that.  If he's shy, then he might ignore you.

    However, the motives for a guy's interest in you is VERY important... so you'll need to evaluate that, too.

    - If a guy is mature and he genuinely cares for you, then he'll be concerned about your feelings and your long-term best interests. That means he won't be trying to get into your bra and panties too quickly.

    - If a guy is just lusting after you... then his top priority will be satisfying his own selfish desires. He'll lie, and tell you that he loves & cares for you. He'll tell you whatever he thinks will work in an effort to get into your bra and panties. That's how losers & players operate.

    - You probably won't be able to tell too much about a guy until you get to know him better and he gets you alone... and after that, it should be pretty obvious where his priorities are.

    Dating and guy advice?  OK...

    What do guys look for in a girl?  That depends on the guy.  Nice guys will want a decent, respectable, reasonably attractive girl who is happy and fun to be around.  A girl who isn't a drama queen, and who isn't clingy or spoiled.  A girl who will appreciate him.  A girl who won't play mind games.

    Most guys also want a healthy girl with a trim figure.

    Players and losers usually want a foolish girl who can be easily manipulated, and who will believe their lies (so they can get quick access inter her bra & panties).

    How can you find a nice BF? Knowledge... and the recognition that you're in charge of your own destiny. Making stupid choices (dating idiots, having friends with low moral standards, engaging in casual sexual activities, heavy drinking, doing drugs, believing the lies of a player) will lead your life down the wrong path.

    How can you let a guy know that you're interested?

    - Make good eye contact.

    - Smile.

    - Act fascinated by whatever he says or does.

    - Ask him questions.

    - Laugh and touch his arm or shoulder if he says something funny.

    - Do these things every day.

    What should you do if you are attracted to a guy? If he seems friendly, then just be straight up and ask him directly if he likes you. Don't be a chicken, and don't use friends to ask.

    Lots of guys prefer the blunt and honest approach instead of subtle hints, mind games, and random people getting in the middle.

    How to kiss?

    - No onions or garlic prior.

    - Breathe while kissing (holding your breath and turning away to breathe feels like rejection to the other person).

    - React positively.

    - Don't clamp your lips closed.

    - Suck on his lips... pull them gently into your mouth.

    - Don't feel obligated to french kiss (i.e., rubbing tongues) if you don't want to.

    - Trill happily (i.e., softly moan) while kissing.

    When you find a nice BF, then keep him happy by giving him some simple problem to solve (homework), ask him to assist you with something helpful but definite that has an ending (like washing your Dad's car), and give him some compliments. He also might like to bake sugar cookies with you.... but only if you promise to give him some of the raw dough to eat.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that a BF will become your BFF. It ain't gonna happen. Guys simply don't want to sit around and talk endlessly about your feelings, their feelings, their history, their future with you, who did what to whom, or whatever. Sorry!

    Also, females trying to talk to a BF in endless detail about her issues and conflicts only serves to make a guy really annoyed. Why? Because young females rarely listen to or implement any advice given by their BF for a solution, and then the following day the BF is expected to listen to their GF's next load of crap ALL OVER AGAIN... crap that she won't take any advice for anyway.

    On a related note (in which I seem to be in the minority these days)... I just don't think that a sexually mature female should attempt to look like a prepubescent little girl down there (meaning slightly trimmed is what I do with my pubic hair). That's simply my opinion.

    The trend towards the complete lack of pubic hair apparently started back in the 1990's. Bill Clinton made oral sex "mainstream" when his activities with Monica Lewinsky gained worldwide press coverage. However, a female is not required to perform oral sex upon command (nor is she required to have it performed on her) just because a guy asks for it.

    If a female wants to engage in oral sex, fine... that's her choice. I don't want to engage in oral sex. That's my choice.

    However, if a guy's penis is infested with STD's... then she'll get STD's in her mouth. Good luck with that!!!

    Finally, I'd suggest not dropping your panties for any guy.  I saved myself for marriage. That one single policy unmasked countless miserable jerks who at first seemed genuinely nice... until they discovered that they weren't getting any. That's when the mask dropped and they showed their true intentions, their true character, their morals & standards, and their priorities.

    Good luck!!!  Below are a few links that you might find interesting.

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      Y!A dating advice:;_ylt=Ans045fvqUcoTXOubdDlNL7ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091031071318AAKyU8K&show=7#profile-info-vVYj8b74aa

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    Signs he is constantly seeking your attention, buying things for you sometimes unexpectedly. He will be constantly asking how you day was and wanting to spend as much time as possible in your company.

    He will dump his friends and the only person important to him is you.

    As long as you like the attention and maybe feel the same way then embrace and welcome it.

    If you think the guy is in love with you but you do not feel the same way you must let him down gently and not break his heart.

    I was once was with a girl who I did love and we had been together for 3 or 4 years and one night I told her I loved her but she didn't feel the same. She was pleased with me being with her and was thankful that we were together and we were having a full blown sexual relationship but although she liked me very much she did not love me.

    She said she may given time but didn't at the time. We stayed together for a while but we split soon after that as she didn't feel the same as me after 4 years.

    About six months later I saw her out with a guy I knew. A few weeks later he came to see me and told me they had split up because she loved me.

    I still keep in touch with her but we never got back together. She broke my heart and it was such a lonely place to be. So I wasn't going to risk the chance of her doing it a second time.

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