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did i eat too much today?

i ate 2 eggrolls, 3 burritos, half a pizza with all toppings, 3 tacos from taco bell, 2 mcchickens, a diet coke, 2 strawberry cream dove bars, a small tub of icecream-chocolate swirl with fudge, 2 hershey kisses, . and that was breakfast, lunch and snacks .. for dinner i ate only a little, a meatloaf around the size of a toaster, a hotdog, and then i ate a container of peaunt buutter and jelly . i was suppose to be on a diet, but i decided to just let myself have a small snack today, and a few food. My question is, did i eat too much?? i used to eat way more so i think i am on the health road right now. Im kinda proud of myself, but i know i let a slip today and ate a little more then a normal person. I think i deserved it after what i had to suffer while on my diet in the past 2 weeks... I have been eating stuff like this in each day of my diet: A mcds salad, 3 fruit smoothies from mcds, 4 tacos from tacobell with double lettuce(I dont even like lettuce, or salad) 2 blt's from five guys, extra tomato, , a container of mcds fries, cuz potatos are good for u , and some yogurt(yoplait).... anywho, that was terrible and i struggled to keep eating so little and healthy but .. yah im back on my diet so .. kinda proud

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    You could save money and actually go to a store and buy food and learn to cook.

    And i hate to let you know what you think is healthy IS NOT. Smothies are high is SUGAR. potatoes are good for you, yes. NOT FRIES. McD fries are some of the worst. cooked in shortening and loaded with salt. ANd bacon is just plain old bad for you. And salads with dressings are bad as well. Just abt anything fast food is bad.

    Also you need to learn to portion. And you must spend a fortune at McD. And diet coke is very bad. loaded with sodium and all sorts of artificial sweeteners and artificial ingredients.

    I do not see anything you mention you think is healthy as healthy. Stay away from McD, Taco bell and all them places.

    Learn to cook, shop for healthy foods and food portions. You should just go to the produce section of a grocery store and you will be surprised how much you will save, how better you will eel and look. Plus you will save a ton of money.

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    Not if you're a growing grizzly bear cub. If you're an adult human, that's too much.

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