What is he thinking?

I was exclusively dating this great guy in the army for a few weeks, we hit it off, went on dates, and talked everyday. He put a label on it straight away and deleted tinder from my phone. He told me he was a lucky man and so proud to be dating me which made me feel so good. I went home and we messaged all day and FaceTimed. All seemed fine. He was being sent to Kenya last Saturday for a month and whilst at home he told me that had been extended for longer but said we will be fine. When I got back everything changed, I went to see him and he broke it to me that at the end of the year (November time) he’s going to Iraq for 7 months... he said he’s miss Christmas, my birthday, New year etc and said he couldn’t do that to me and it was unfair. He said he really likes me but just doesn’t want to hurt me by putting me through the pain of not seeing him now for 2 months and then later on for 7. He ended it but told me to stay in touch. I messaged him on Saturday wishing him luck for his trip to Kenya and he replied straight away. Since then I’ve heard nothing despite him being active on social media. I don’t understand and it’s as if he’s ignoring me. I do silly things like post pictures hoping he likes them and the get upset when he doesn’t. I really do like him and I thought he liked me. Have I just been a fool?

1 Answer

  • kristy
    Lv 6
    6 months ago

    You aren’t s fool, it just didn’t work out

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