How to block scam callers on IOS?

I have an iPhone 6s plus and I keep getting these scam/spam texts. They are group chats with me and a bunch of numbers I don’t recognize and I think it’s a bot sending the text, and it’s always innapropriate. I’m 14. I can’t have this popping up on my phone, I’m going to get into trouble for something that’s not my fault. It’s happened twice and I’ve turned off my notifications which is a temporary solution because my mom will get mad if I keep missing her texts. Is there not some way I can block unknown texts? Blocking the sender doesn’t work it’s a different number every time, and the thing where it sends unknown numbers to a different category doesn’t work because it’s always iMessage and it just goes straight to my main text category. Helppppp

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    There are services you can add. Hiya, Trucaller, and Nomorobo are examples

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