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Why is America so obsessed with the LGBTQ subject?

I am not anti-LGBTQ at all. I am not mean to these people and I would not deny them rights. What I am wondering is why is this subject one of the biggest subjects. It is Pride Month. There are commercials every day of "I am gay and I am an organ donor" "I am lesbian and I am a blood donor", "I am a trans individual and I need a kidney". It is one that shows there are LGBTQ people who need organs or give organs.

Meanwhile, I went to a sport event tonight and it was LGBTQ Night so the drag queen came out for the coin toss.

I hear LGBTQ was one of the biggest talked about issues at the debate tonight (I didn't want it).

My question is why do we talk about it instead of just letting people be whatever orientation they want. Why do straight people not bring it up much but gay people talk non-stop about it? Again, I am not anti-gay at all, my question is why do we talk so much about it? What rights are gay and lesbian people denied in the 2010s? Marriage is now legal in 50 states for same-sex couples. Why an entire month dedicated to gay rights?

Why is LGBTQ talked about so much and so much more then hetrosexual behavior? Why is there not Heterosexual Night at sport events and Hetrosexual Pride Month?

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    you need to become gay yourself

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    I would say it is not just America that is obsessed by the LGBT subject as pretty big in the UK and Europe as well

    What does Q mean in LGBTQ?

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    You answered your own question. It is brought up so much because most reasonable people cannot understand why LGBTQ people are denied basic constitutional rights. You talk about marriage, but what about the discussion from some extreme rights to not allow them in businesses or sell to them because you "disagree" with their lifestyle.

    The issue is front and center because people are making fundamental decisions based on someone sexual orientation, telling them what is right and what is wrong which goes against the simple idea of freedom.

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    America isn't obsessed, it's just fascinated with the LGBT community and its people.

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    The only thing I read in that long sentiment of yours is, "only gay people talk about gay people so I'm here to talk about gay people."

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    In every generation there is a fad.

    For example, what happened to the hippies which began in 1968 (0.2% of US population) and dwindled away by mid 1970s.

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    "Why do straight people not bring it up much but gay people talk non-stop about it?"

    And that would be a lie.

    You're talking about it right now.

    Several southern states have introduced legislation to ban same-sex marriage in defiance of the US Supreme Court.

    Hate crimes against LGBT people have risen something like 500% since 2016.

    We have to talk about it because a loud vocal minority of anti-LGBT straight people are forcing us to.

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    5 months ago

    Because Republicans think that making gay lives miserable will get them votes from haters.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I hate those people

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      Well... at least you're honest.

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